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Friday, May 31, 2013

Wars are Fought by Generals

Battles are Fought by Warriors


                Under Obamacare all Liberals are entitled to FREE rose colored glasses


            Chi-Chi Athletic clothing chain LuLu Lemon has recalled a line of their yoga pants after they were found to be see through-BASTARDS!


            After a tough winter, I found an easy way to clean up my yard. I spray painted all the dog poop pink, yellow and purple then told the neighborhood kids I was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt…


            I saw a sign posted in my Doctor’s Office. It read the office was fragrance free, and asked employees and visitors to refrain from the use of: perfume, cologne, after shave, hair spray, shampoo, scented soap, and deodorant. I asked the nurse how it was to work there-she said; “It stinks…”


            After the Boston Marathon bombing, and the susequent revelation it was carried out by Islamic extremists-Attorney General Holder warned Americans that any backlash against Muslims in the US will be dealt with harshly. What would he do if it’s perpetrated by Illegal Aliens or the New Black Panther Party?


            A storage unit containing equipment for the upcoming season belonging to Savin Hill Little League was robbed by heartless thugs. If they’re caught may I suggest they be tied to the foul pole and let the kids “swing away”…


            I cheated on my ethics exam.


            TV pitchmen are touting the “Wax Vac” to remove pesky ear wax without  q-tips, to keep your ears wax free, without pain. They’ll even send you two-one for free! What would happen if you used them both at the same time? The resulting brain vacuum will only provide us with more Democrats…


            The State has discovered hundreds of sex offenders registered at homes that also house Child Day Care. Governor Patrick has promised a full investigation. In the end, these pervs will become another of the Gov’s “anecdotes”…


            Well the Primary to narrow the field in June is over. To fill John Kerry’s vacant Senate seat, Massachusetts voters will have the pleasure of picking a liberal, gun grabbing, Obama suck up or Ed Markey.


            I tried to watch “Boston’s Finest”, I really did, but couldn’t bear it after one of the “characters” started yelling; “2-6-9! 2-6-9!” when he saw a gun in a car. I get the reference (MGL 269-Dangerous weapons) but NEVER in my almost 30 year career have I EVER heard that. You see a gun, you yell “GUN!!” so there’s no confusion…just sayin’ (and tuning out)


            The State House has been the scene of furious debate over the budget.In the end, all that will be decided is how much more WE (working class) will have to pay to support the layabouts…Welome Home to Taxachusetts. Thanks Democrats!

Like Gov Patrick says: “Everybody pays more and gets less…” No Deval, People who work pay more and get less, people who don’t work at all still get plenty.


            American Airlines and US Airways have merged to form the largest carrier in the US. After bringing American to the brink of bankruptcy, outgoing CEO Tom Horton was rewarded with a $20 Million exit package. Way to encourage failure and mediocrity! Thankfully a Judge has weighed in and put the payout on hold…


            Although I can’t explain why I do it, I will deviate from my route rather than stay behind a hearse in traffic-usually only two or three cars from the Funeral will follow me…


            I was approached by a Back Bay resident, while stationed at the Marathon Bombing Memorial. She was wondering when it will be removed, with her reasons being it made her sad, and displaced one of the Farmer’s Market stands. Really??


            At the rate things are going, don’t be surprised if the Government taxes YOUR pension to provide a pension for the EBT crowd…


            I tried to log in to a page on the State’s website to satisfy a work requirement. I couldn’t get on because of pop-ups. Turns out the instructions to turn off the pop up blocker come up when you log in.


            A Police Detective in Dedham alerted the Department of Transitional Assistance that two suspects caught during a drug raid were getting benefits despite having over $65K in their apt. The Illegal Aliens were also found in possession of heroin and cocaine. Hmmm, illegal aliens, EBT, drugs, cash, at least they weren’t making bombs… It took State authorities more than a month to look into this, even after the DTA vowed a crackdown on fraud.  There’s no crackdown, it’s more like a crack up, and the joke’s on the taxpaying suckers of Massachusetts. Could someone please check on the delivery date of the pitchforks and torches?

            Suffolk County District Attorney and Boston Mayoral candidate Dan Conley has proposed new Gun Control legislation. The Bill, sposored by Rep Russell Holmes (D) umb-ass of Mattapan would increase penalties for illegal gun violations, make not reporting theft of a firearm a jailable offense, mandate “micro-stamping” and most onerous of all require firearms owners to carry liability insurance. Now I agree anyone who buys/sells guns illegally should be jailed, but liability insurance? Just as soon as they make all these Baby Makers insure their (ahem) “guns”. That’s more problematic and more expensive. And more likely to occur than a legal gun owner shooting someone…


            In the wake of the Boston marathon bombing President Obama attended and spoke at a memorial service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross-Boston. The Boston Police Department was given 65 tickets to the event, and Officers who were interested in going had to submit name, dob, ssn for a background check. On the day of the event, over 500 tickets were released to the general public who lined up outside-no check required. And although everyone was told no parking would be available-Senator Lie-zy Warren didn’t get the memo, treating the cops and secret service on site like valets.To add insult to injury, as the assembled pols left the church, most put on a somber façade. Warren came out waving like she was at a parade. #doyouknowwhoiam?


            Speaking of disgusting-it’s a damn shame Veterans may wait up to a year or longer for benefits, but the same Government manages to get Illegal Aliens benefits within weeks of their arrival.


            Does anyone else remember when a nanny was actually one of the grandmothers?


            I won’t say the Marathon Bombing has changed everything, but I heard the “Cycling Murrays” have been up armored…


            When I see a bunch of kids playing Ultimate Frisbee, I cringe, but since I had so much fun with that disc on the beach when I was younger, I ignore it. When I see a bunch of kids playing Quidditch from the Harry Potter books, I can’t believe how silly some people are. Then I smile thinking all that time running around with a broom between their legs may keep them from reproducing.


            Obama is in quite a mess after triple scandals have the White House reeling. Benghazi, IRS and AP Wiretapping have many wondering if the Prez and his pals are in over their heads, smart like a fox, or just plain stupid. Here’s my opinion: on the Benghazi matter, Hillary will find some underling to lay the blame on, with the hope it doesn’t taint her possible White House run in 2016. Now we know who answered the phone in that infamous ad-NO ONE, and 4 Americans are dead. What caused it DOES matter, despite what she may think, or raged at Congress. If it is discovered State knew it was Al-Qeada, we’ll be able to keep Bill away from the Interns-her ambitions will be toast. In over their heads. The IRS scandal has a scapegoat-Lois Lerner. She’ll be removed, take a plea, and get a pardon when dear leader leaves. He got what he wanted-no or little opposition to his re-election. The email trail will falter under another “Executive Order” a-la Fast and Furious, and although Congress will steam, this one ends with a whimper. Smart like a fox! The AP Wiretaps may be the end game. Shades of Watergate, sketchy subpeonas, an embattled AG, and pissed off press may add up to Cabinet level resignations. The fallout among the media could be toxic, especially if it lingers through the Mid-Term Elections. Just Plain Stupid!


First Hugo Chavez and now toilet paper! Venezuelans find themselves in a tushy situation as the nation suffers through a toilet paper shortage.Rolls can be had for up to four times the price on the “Brown Market”. We all knew Chavez was full of crap but that much? C’mon.


A North Carolina woman had her juvenile son arrested for stealing her Pop Tarts. The 13 year old boy was hauled off by Police after being called to the home by the distraught mom, Latasha Renee Love.He also drank her milk, slept in one of her bedrooms, watched her TV and used her shower. The cops should have locked HER up- for wasting their time. You had him-You raise him Ms Love


            Dubbed “The Hermit of North Pond”, Christopher Knight was finally captured and could face up to 1000 counts of larceny after spending 27 years in the Maine woods. Knight would break into cabins or steal from campsites to stock his own. He was seen about as often as Bigfoot, but left a trail of broken locks and empty cupboards. Stealing clothes, food, sleeping bags, and propane tanks, Knight talked to only one other person in his quarter century plus in the wilderness. He did not know if his parents were still alive, and his brothers had to introduce themselves when they visited him in jail, but he did know who the Kardashians were. Is there no where on earth to get away from those BITCHES??


            I’m glad I wore clean underwear to my debriefing.


            In typical Liberal fashion, while remembering the victim’s of the Marathon Bombing, Gov Patrick named each victim but referred to the 2 Law Enforcement casualties (Donahue from the T, and Collier from MIT) as “Officers”. Thanks for your support Gov!


            Not to be outdone by our Domesticated Islamic Terrorists, 2 English Muslims from a radical Mosque hacked an English soldier to death in the street. The 2 had been investigated by authorities, were on the dole, hmmm sound familiar? Days later a French Muslim slashed a soldier on patrol in Paris. Anyone else see a pattern? No other Religion is out to kill the competition. Convert or die seems to be their motto, and not one word of outcry from the rest of them. Their (Muslims) silence speaks volumes, and condones these atrocities with their inaction.


            I find it strange that some nitwit “rapper” Cameron D’Ambrosio, a high-schooler,from Methuen was held in jail after making a bomb threat on Facebook, YET Robel Phillipos got bailed after assisting his pal Tsarnaev. What the hell?


            I’m glad we all made it through the Boston Marathon Bombing fairly well, to the Officers injured, a speedy recovery. If you need help-GET IT! We’re no good to each other if our heads aren’t in the game-stay safe,enjoy your family, enjoy your summer…







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