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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

See That Mountain? I made it From a Mole Hill All by Myself…

        Why is it that you settle down with a mate, but settle up with a bartender?
     I’ve been a cop for so long I had cases in front of the judges who are now portraits in the courthouse.
     When choosing a restaurant remember, “rustic” means the tables are thisclosetogether, and “intimate” means the lighting is poor.
     Men only think of three things:
How do I get the other two between games
     Every generation of cops marches off to retirement with the refrain “the job’s gone, kid”
     When I wear my issued winter hat, I hope I look like DeNiro in the Deerhunter. Unfortunately, the fit is so poor I look more like Waldo.
     Before politicians force body cameras on cops, they better think about scenarios like this:
“Councilor, I pulled you over because you’re weaving all over the road. I think you may have had too much to drink.-maybe Mrs Councilor should drive…OH, that isn’t Mrs Councilor? Why yes, sir, this IS a body cam”. File under: “Smile! You’re on Candid (body) Camera”
     Thug thug thug, thug thug. Thug thug thug thugthug, THUG. Nope, still not seeing that as a problem…this word, as I use it and understand it, is not some racist dog whistle. It refers to a person who does not comport to the rules of society, and uses violence, brutality and intimidation to wreak havoc on his community or fellow citizens. As anyone who reads my drivel notes, I divide the use of this word equally between gangsters (of any color) and Islamo-Fascist terrorists. I will continue to use it in that manner, and no thug will dissuade me.
     “Uber” is Danish for $%^*# up traffic.
     A comedian rattles off jokes, a humorist just writes his down.
     How is it that if a cop is shot, or injured, inevitably some idiot talking head or clueless politician babbles on about the risks involved in Law Enforcement, etc, etc. Stipulated. So, why is that standard not applied to gang bangers and terrorists? Surely they know the possible dangers.
     When has the simple act of turning a car around become such a task for many drivers, especially the ones that come by MY details???
     New note on all day off requests: I.D.C.I.I.I.O.T: I don’t care if it incurs overtime.
     Sometimes my hair gets so long it looks like a toupee.
     On my way to court one morning recently, I passed a group of guys drinking on a street corner. I thought to myself, they must be going to a golf tournament or are on vacation.
    President Obama took up the mantle from disgraced FORMER Attorney General Holder when he too referred to Police as an “occupying force”. And to that end, he’s shutting down a program that offers Law Enforcement surplus military equipment. Now I don’t see the need for a tank (YET), but some of the stuff comes in handy when dealing with the criminal element or disruptive protesters. What galls me is the fact that the most mentioned piece of used gear that had Barry and his cronies in a tizzy was: camouflage uniforms.
     Local activist Jamarhl Crawford is urging the Feds to investigate the Boston Police Department. He claims that the last few Officer involved shootings (OIS) were racist. In a case of never let the facts get in the way, he sent his missive off despite the FACT that the last nine OIS in Boston all involved violent armed criminals or mentally deranged armed individuals, all of whom attacked, shot or shot at BPD Officers.
     On a related note: after a seven year old boy was hit with a round, during a brazen daylight shooting on Bowdoin St, I congratulate Chief Gross and Mayor Marty Walsh for calling out “activists” and expressing outrage that there is no outrage. A child was shot (not the first in these parts either) and yet, no protest, no march, no vigil, no information forthcoming from the Occupy frauds and their stooges at #blacklivesmatter. It seems these folks only give a crap when it fits their agenda.
     During a rainstorm, my phone blew up with warnings of flash floods. I thought, how the hell do they know where I am? I guess the Government IS spying on me. Hey NSA, good luck sifting through all this crap.
     Sometimes I feel like a banana republic dictator. I pick up a rake or shovel and my family disappears.
     Well, one of America’s greatest athletes, Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, wants to become a woman. I guess being on the Wheaties box wasn’t enough, now he wants to be on the cover of Tampax.
     Terrorist THUG (there it is!) Dzokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to DEATH ,by a Massachusetts jury no less (maybe there is some hope for Liberals) for his role in the Marathon Bombing that left 4 (now 5) dead and hundreds injured. During the penalty phase, relatives of Tsarnaev (excluding his felon/wanted Mother) travelled to Boston on the taxpayer’s dime to defend the tousle haired youth against the Great Satan. They recalled a smiling boy, in awe of his older brother, who cried at the “Lion King” (I’m sure when Scar got it). It took less than 10 years for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to ride the needle, I sincerely hope the Joker doesn’t reach 30.
     How is it that every firehouse is always built with adequate parking including a few extra spots for visitors, but Police stations, not so much?
        loved my grandmother, yet I hate my nanny state.
     Gloucester Police have announced that they will not pursue criminal charges against addicts who turn in their drugs and seek treatment. A novel and noble approach, as long as the town of Gloucester uses/establishes a methadone clinic in their area rather than ship the junkies down to Boston. We have an over abundance of these individuals straining our services and patience, including a good percentage who are not from this state let alone the city. If this is just another feel good NIMBY project, you can keep them.
     Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle accident while in France. He immediately returned to the US. Just a few questions: Was he riding that spiffy pink bike he’s been pictured on? Did the accident occur as he swayed to the iPod tunes of James Taylor, and Sheryl Crow? And; if European health care is so good, that we wrecked ours under Obamacare to mirror theirs, why didn’t he just stay there. File under: Do as I say, not as I do
     Six Baltimore cops have been indicted on a plethora of charges including murder for the custody death of Freddy Gray, who died after his spine was severed while being transported in a Baltimore Police van. Another prisoner in the same van claims he heard the deceased thrashing around in his compartment, and did not hear any indication the police were involved. His testimony has been scrutinized, because it cannot be corroborated. Now I ask you gentle reader, if he said “I heard the cops beating that poor man”, would he have been so quickly dismissed, or star witness for the prosecution??The death sparked days of rioting, burning and looting. Since the indictments, a demoralized Baltimore PD has been, shall we say, lax in pro-active policing, resulting in a 25% rise in crime. Unrest which led to a statement from Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake that she would allow rioters “room to destroy”. Huh?!?!?  Madam Mayor, even if you feel that way, that’s a thought you keep to yourself, or among your advisors, or nearest and dearest NOT out loud during a press conference. Encouraging rioters is leadership the good people of Baltimore should not have to endure. Here’s hoping to a swift resolution, after a thorough investigation.
     Finally, the Police Department has instructed that “Caution Wet Floor” signs be placed near every Detail/OT board in all stations in order to minimize the possibility of Officers slipping on tears after the new 18 hour rule is implemented. Since this article is being submitted prior to the rule’s projected start date, the author will defer to a future issue to weigh its impact.



Monday, May 4, 2015

 Boston Public Gardens
 Charles River Esplanade
Friday Night Hockey
Estero Florida
Oak Bluffs, MA
Ogunquit, ME

Always Have a Safe Word

ALWAYS Have a Safe Word

        This winter was so harsh, I raised a white flag in surrender, but Mother Nature couldn’t see it with all that snow.
     With roads closed, and parking bans in effect, Officers of the Boston Police Department were tasked to ferry essential doctors and nurses to their hospitals during February’s blizzards. I believe the courtesy service was referred to as “BL-Uber”.
     Potential Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton went MIA, amid rumors of plastic surgery. I heard she wanted a boob reduction, but nobody else wanted Bill,
     I used to look good in all my tight shirts, now all my shirts are good and tight.
     Islamic terror group Al-Shabaab made bold threats to shoot up malls in America. Liberalism holds the key to stopping these attacks:
“What does that say on the mall door, Achmed?”
“It reads ‘Gun Free Zone’, Mohammed”
“Damn those Infidels, they are so clever!”
“Allah help us, now we must think of a new plan”
     Speaking of Islamic terrorists, the JV, alias ISIS, in an act of savagery that was over the top even by their sick standards, burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive, and broadcast the murder on Social Media. In response the King of Jordan, ordered all ISIS prisoners being held to be immediately executed, then donned his flight suit, strapped himself into an attack aircraft, and personally led airstrikes against these barbarians. Obama went golfing.
     I don’t know why they annoy me so much, but I would like to replace the “Sonic” guys’ hot dogs with dynamite.
     Performers and Presenters at this year’s Oscar show got the most expensive “swag bag” ever, with gifts totally around $160,000. Uncle Sam got his share of the perk in the form of about $40.000 in taxes (appx. 25%). Meanwhile we toil on lucrative details and OT only to be whacked with a tax of about 32%. Where’s my $%^&*&# Red Carpet???
     With all the snow in February, District Four was officially renamed “Ice Station Delta”
     I won’t say the bums in Copley Square Park are causing more trouble, but Katie Copley is set to be replaced by a German Shepherd.
     When you’re young you talk about the future, when you’re old you talk about the past…
     Now that Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion, will the 5 Taliban thugs we swapped for him return to Gitmo?
     NBC News Anchor Brian Williams has been suspended after he was caught in a lie. It seems Williams claimed to have been on a helicopter that was shot down during the Iraq war, but was actually on a different chopper, which did not come under fire. This fib caused a domino effect that exposed several more untruths over the course of his career. Now the guy who read the news, IS the news. What a tangled web we weave, when is our business to deceive…
     Republican Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President in 2016. Liberals immediately attacked the Texan because his Cuban father fled to Canada…now if he left Cuba and went to Kenya…
      Obama administration officials claim the unrest in the Middle East is the result of poor economic opportunity. In other words, the Taliban and ISIS would not hate us if they had jobs. I propose we rectify that situation immediately. We should employee any willing Islamic Terrorists as bullet magnet quality control, explosive testers, and casket interior inspectors.
     With the freezing temps and snow testing every cop’s fortitude, HQ reminded Officers to maintain uniform standards. Now I ask you gentle reader, if 150 cops at a funeral can’t manage to wear the same thing, after being told what to bring; what makes the Crystal Palace think cops won’t bundle up in a blizzard?? Just a thought, if you left a dog out for hours in that weather, you’d be in jail, we got traffic posts.
     If you worry whether you can be a good parent, you probably will…
     During a concert, Madonna tripped over her cape and toppled off the stage. When you get to her age, falls become more common. File under: Bruised ego, broken hip…
     Starbucks is taking some heat for a decision to engage customers on the subject of racism. Just what America needs, a lecture from a hipster with a ring in his nose…can I get directions to the nearest Tim Horton’s?
     Iran and the US are in negotiations to keep the Persians from developing a nuclear bomb. Secretary of State Kerry claims the deal will do just that…pardon me if I have a little trouble believing that. These are the same folks that claimed Health Care would cost less, and we could keep our doctor…just sayin’
     ISIS wants to re-establish the 7th Century Caliphate. I say good for them! Let’s bomb them back to the Stone Age, and they can pick up from there.
     San Fran-sicko is debating a ban on Oreo’s. They claim the tasty snack contains dangerous trans fats (that’s why it tastes so gooood!) and must be kept from children. I think those Commies just don’t like the fact that it’s America’s favorite cookie!
     While in Aruba, I saw a very fat guy with a rather attractive woman. I thought; “he’s punching over his weight class” then realized, there is no weight class over his-way to go tubby!
     Indiana recently passed the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. It has sparked vigorous debate, with the left claiming the law allows discrimination. Funny thing is, it is based on the Federal version, which has been on the books since it was championed by Liberal lion Ted Kennedy and signed by Bill Clinton. Really??? I thought these hypocrites preached TOLERANCE (as long as you agree with them, I guess)
     Kudos to Chief Gross! After a Boston cop was shot, and his assailant was summarily dispatched by other Officers, the usual agitators gathered to pose for selfies while they berated the Police. Not that it was necessary, but the Chief engaged the protestors, and found himself being insulted, and harangued by the crowd. Rather than lose his temper, the boss simply walked away, leaving the protesters no foil for their phony anger.
     When I see these fools, all I’m reminded of is the old fable about the boy who cried wolf. Their constant BS desensitizes people and in the event of a real injustice, they will have effectively disempowered the aggrieved. Blocking highways and roads doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you an inconvenience, with all the relevance of a traffic jam, and we all know how much Bostonians love those…
     A minister working at English High shot and seriously injured a student, over a drug deal gone awry. Shaun Harrison was well known for his anti gang activities, but apparently that was just a ploy to cut down on his competition. After it came to light that a neighbor lodged several complaints against the “Rev” over drug activity, the smoke and mirror machine kicked into high gear, with officials claiming he was under investigation and just hours away from being charged/fired. File under: Double Secret Probation.
     While we’re on the subject of wayward BTU employees, check out their newspaper, specifically a column by Heidi Winston. The school nurse busted out the broad brush and labeled all Police Officers as racist thugs out to shoot or beat down the citizens. She went on to praise the protesters who blocked 93 and burned down Ferguson, mentioning a hefty donation made by the BTU to the protesters. Now I won’t insult the good hard working Boston Public School employees by lumping them all in with this dolt. She’s entitled to her misinformed opinion. Maybe she should enlarge her circle of friends to include a few law enforcement professionals and broaden her horizons. Or at least read the PAX!
     Patrick Cherry, a New York City detective is in hot water, after being taped verbally bashing an Uber driver. The viral video resulted in the officer being demoted and placed on modified duty, even after apologizing. Bratton calls it abuse, I call it a verbal warning. We’ve all seen how these clowns drive.
     Finally, thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery go out to Officer Moynahan of the BPD YVSF. John was shot in the line of duty by a career thug, who was himself killed by other Officers on the scene. A decorated military veteran, and from what I hear a pretty decent hockey player, there’s no doubt this guy is tough. So get well soon, we’re all thinking of you.
     Talking about bullfighting is not the same as being in the ring with the bull.

     So, boys and girls looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer out in the streets. Watch your six, keep an eye on your fellow Officers, stay hydrated and rested. Or take a few days off, drink some beer and go to the beach. Either way, stay safe.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

 New Year, New Team

            While on a trip to Florida recently, I saw a lot of signs warning boaters to be wary of manatees. A tour boat operator gave us the local lore that the first mariners to these shores thought they were mermaids. I immediately wondered how desperate for female companionship you would need to be to consider a manatee attractive, or how much grog you had to consume.
     I got my Advent Calendar on the 12th, so I could play catch up with the chocolate.
    I have brought my gun to Starbucks while off duty on numerous occasions. It usually orders Latte, and hasn’t bothered anyone.
     Speaking of Starbucks, I was sitting outside (it was Florida!) and this guy starts waving as he’s approaching. I hop up to greet him and he walks right past me to the table behind. I think my wife is still laughing.
     Just a few things that struck me about Florida in the winter: seeing Christmas trees next to palm trees is a bit unsettling. Saw an ad that boasted “Extreme Segway Tours”, and wondered how that was possible? They go about as fast as people run, what makes it extreme? No helmet? Your body acclimates to the warm much better than the cold. And the Gopher Tortoise is endangered. It likes to snuggle with car tires for warmth in cooler months, kind of like a reptilian chock block. No wonder they are endangered.
     I got an “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirt, like, it’s so much cooler than a Medic-Alert bracelet for my asthma.
     A guy came up to me in a hotel, and asked me where the Janitor’s Interviews were being held. I gave him directions to the Men’s Room.
     It still shocks me when an Officer with almost thirty years is passed over for an Officer with almost thirty tours.
      Same with making Sergeants while cops are waiting for their marks from the new test- a practice that impacts they guys who end up at the bottom of the new list, rather than the top.
     Oh how the mighty have fallen: A sprawling Christmas lights display at the corner of Warren Av has for the past six years or so, prominently featured Barack Obama, even displaying a likeness dressed as (GASP!) Santa. Three foot lighted letters spelled out his name, and even Michelle joined him a few times. This year, not even an honorable mention. I guess once the Republicans took over the Legislature, Barry Claus got the pink slip.
     Rapper Iggy Azalea has been threatened by hackers “Anonymous” demanding an apology to Black Lives Matter and fellow Hip Hopper Azealia Banks over a Twitter comment. The group claims to have an Iggy sex tape and they threaten to publish a nudie if she does not comply. Having seen the size of her backside, I remind you that a newspaper is also referred to as a BROADsheet! File Under: Wide Angle Lens.
     A new medical study shows that lending a friend money can cause memory loss.
     Gas prices have plummeted, falling, in many places to under $2/gallon, for the first time since Bush was President. Now I ask you gentle reader, when gas prices increased consumer pricing for everyday goods and services rose proportionally based on delivery expenses. So when the $%*&^ are food prices coming down to reflect this????
     The state of Oklahoma executed a Death Row inmate, Charles Warner, despite pressure from Death Penalty opponents claiming the last execution of Clayton Lockett violated the Cruel and Unusual punishment clause of the US Constitution after he experienced some discomfort.. Funny, the condemned Lockett died after his lethal injection, so I don’t see how that qualifies as “botched”.
     I may have watched too much South Park…I can sometimes understand Kenny
     Parents of a Little League pitcher struck by a hit ball are suing the bat’s manufacturer. Now, I’m not making light of the injury but suing the bat maker is like suing a gun company after…nevermind
     Boston schools were closed recently when officials determined it was too cold OUTSIDE. Really? -and the pansification of America continues.
     Love is blind, it’s marriage that’s the eye-opener (thanks Val!)
       I travelled to New York City for the funeral of NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu, along with many other members of the XXPD.  Both funerals were well attended-it was a strong showing of support for our Brothers and Sisters in the Big Apple. Just a few thoughts, we really do need a Dress Uniform. At events like that, maybe posting the Color Guard out front and using those Officers to dress the lines would make us look a bit sharper, and cops, no matter where they are from always have a twin in another department…
     The Naples Florida Police Department has a drag racing team.
     When did the practice of naming winter storms BEFORE they hit start? Winter storms have ALWAYS got their names AFTER they dumped countless feet of white global warming on New England, like Blizzard of ’78; No-Name Storm; Perfect Storm; April Fools Storm. I guess this is a case of hurricane envy.
     Planned Parenthood has been teaching sex ed classes in California (where else!) using “Genderbread Persons”. And the attacks on Christmas keep coming…
     Protesters blocked I-93 North and South forcing thousands of commuters to wait while these spoiled children wearing adult diapers were physically removed. The crew in Somerville/Medford was escorted off by Troopers and local PD’s but those in Milton were determined to make a statement by using concrete filled barrels to lock themselves together. Public Safety was jeopardized by these terrorists (yes I said that!) who inconvenienced their fellow citizens, even causing ambulances to be re-routed, to get their message across. Funny though, a viral video of them being heckled ended with the cell phone commando being threatened with bodily harm. Of course, since this is Massachusetts, almost all of them were set free with no bail. If I were in charge, I would have ordered up a couple of the DOT barrier trucks, some cones and a few troopers. Then I would simply move the offenders into the left lane and made them wait until traffic had been relieved and it was safe to get them out of there, probably around 2 am. I’d also love to see a class-action lawsuit against Occupy and #blacklivesmatter for this nonsense.
     Islamic Terrorists (there goes my gig at Al-Jazeera) attacked the Paris offices of “Charlie Hebdo”. The attack left 12 dead, including a Muslim policeman who was seen on video begging for his life. The savages responsible for this were themselves gunned down by French police a few days later. In the aftermath, a huge rally drawing millions along with many World Leaders gathered in Paris to show support and resolve in the face of this cowardly act. Everyone, that is, except Obama. In a move destined to damage Franco-American relations for years to come, he did send Secretary of State John Kerry who brought along that hippie geezer James Taylor who serenaded  the French with “You’ve Got a Friend” while Kerry swayed dreamily to the music. File Under: Dip-($#!+) plomacy. Je suis Charlie!
     I won’t say some of these new guys are salty, but I saw one walking into the station, and the snow was melting under him.
     After a storm dumped almost 2 feet of snow over Boston, the Herald on-line featured these two gems listed next to each other: So silly I don’t even have to make a joke…
“Massachusetts lashed by heavy snow, wind but has few outages”
“Thousands without power during snowstorm in Massachusetts”
     The aforementioned blizzard was so severe, the Massachusetts House delayed a hearing on a bill to combat…wait for it…Global Warming!
     During his State of the Union address Obama channeled his inner Robin Hood, declaring he would take from the rich to give to the poor. Which would nominally be OK, think Hollywood Liberal Millionaires, but his definition of “rich” includes most of the middle class.
     Uber Lib tubbie Michael Moore caused quite a furor after he panned the film “American Sniper”, claiming all snipers are cowards because his uncle was killed by one during WW2. Too bad the scharfschutze didn’t pop pops, the world would have been spared this bloated turd. Stick to your mockumentaries, which you are free to make because of those who serve. Of course to a fattie like you the word “serve” is ALWAYS followed by the words “me more food.”
     With the Patriots heading to the Super Bowl, XXXX Police Officers were once again ordered in on their day off to patrol the Hub. They were bolstered by NEMLEC and METROLEC who get 8 hours minimum pay, and a day off.

     The Patriots WIN the Super Bowl and AGAIN XXPD Officers are ordered in on their day off to patrol the Duck Boat Parade. Of course that little fact didn’t stop old friend Sam Tyler of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau from taking a cheap shot at us. After a Herald reporter got a quip about the snow removal budget for the parade, Tyler groused:”This isn’t something like police overtime or fire overtime where every year they exceed their budget” Sam can you grasp the concept of ORDERED? I’ll let the boss know I’m just doing my bit next time I get grabbed for a morning watch, and tell him you said it was OK, so we don’t go over budget.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

“Cotton Headed Ninny-Muggins”

          Is brushing your teeth before going to the dentist like cleaning your car before you go to the car wash?
     Have you ever had a meal that was so good, you wish you could go back in time 15 minutes and eat it again?
     Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute vodka intoxicates, absolutely.
     I don’t own an assault rifle, I own a modern sporting rifle. Sounds so harmless-TAKE THAT gun grabbing liberals!!
      I don’t think it’s the tryptophan that makes you sleepy after your Thanksgiving meal, rather it’s the fact you just consumed more food than an entire Central American village.

I went by a group of PETA protesters, spouting their nonsense about meat and fur. Obviously, one of them didn’t get the memo, and held up her sign wearing a pair of leather gloves.

My son opined that since a dog’s nose is about 100 million times better than a human’s, how good it must smell when someone’s cooking say a steak, for instance. I countered that most people fart more than they eat steak.

I find it funny that it’s all ALWAYS OUR fault when someone gets to the booking desk.

All units be sure to have their PPE or Riot Gear available at all times, but you won’t be using it. It seems there is a better chance of getting a hernia from carrying it around, than being struck by a bottle.

Somerville is known as the “All American City”, but since local pols have made it a sanctuary destination, it will soon be the “Non-American City”

Why do Reproductive Rights include abortion? A procedure that by its very nature, halts reproduction.

Liberals sold the de-criminalization of marijuana by claiming pot was harmless-hmm, in two high (pun intended) profile cases, the use of dope was anything but. Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s buddy Robel Phillipos claimed in his defense that he was so high on pot that he did not know what he was doing when he dumped evidence from Tsarnaev’s dorm room. Gentle Giant Mike Brown’s toxicology report showed marijuana in his blood and urine. Brown was killed in a confrontation with a Ferguson, MO Police Officer after a robbery. That, boys and girls is why they call it “dope”.

If you want to know who the smartest man in the room is, just wait, when he tells you, cross him off the list ASAP.

How do you spot a true believer?                                                                  Ask a liberal woman if she would forego a diamond. Ask an atheist to sell their soul. Ask an abortion rights activist to support the death penalty.

Last year I remodeled the bath in my master bedroom. This included a new light fixture that features a fluorescent bulb, which is just now starting to go. I may take my time replacing it though, because the dim light makes me look ten years younger.

President Obama mentioned in a speech that Muslims were a “part of the fabric of America” from the very beginning. As a student of history, I don’t recall seeing that in any of the books I read. File under: Osama Ben Franklin.

Diversity includes diversity of opinion.

A possible Ebola patient is being treated at Mass General. He asked his caregiver why he’s only been getting pancakes, and pizza to eat. The doc replied:”because that’s all that will slide under the door”

China has banned all puns- that may be a good thing for US consumers. Have you ever seen the horrible grammar on those translated instructions??? Puns banned-crap I’d be facing a Death Penalty.

The Obama Administration nominated Soap Opera producer and $$$ campaign donor Colleen Bell as Ambassador to Hungary. A spokesman could not articulate any specific qualifications, but it’s rumored during an interview, when asked how her appointment would benefit US/Hungary relations, she replied; “I’d feed them, of course…” (take THAT China!)

Republican Charlie Baker was elected Governor of Mass, after defeating Democratic challenger Martha Coakley. It should be a relief for the taxpayers to have Baker at the helm, at least fiscally. And to dispel that rumor Baker will lay waste to the pension system, I offer two good reasons: First, the Commonwealth views your pension as a contract between you (worker) and the state-with SJC case law to back that up. It cannot be altered by either party, once an employee is vested in the system. Which leads me to point two; only new employees’ pensions can be modified, which would be made clear when hired And any of you skeptics who still cling to the myth of the Democrat as a supporter of the working man, look at your check, we all pay different amounts toward our contribution, ranging from 6% to 13%, thank you donkeys. Oh, and don’t forget outgoing Gov Patrick (D!) cut our Quinn Bill pay, and put flagmen on the street. Hey Deval, don’t let the door to your (former) $11 million office hit you in the backside on the way out.

Speaking of our outgoing diminutive Governor, Patrick almost took the crown of worst governor ever from Mike Dukakis. Patrick’s title hopes were smashed when the headrest to the Governor’s limo was found, and Dukakis testified on behalf of Marathon Bombing accesory after the fact Robel Phillipos. Don’t feel bad for Deval, he’ll always be number two. (catch me if you can Red China)

The ballot questions also proved a boon to taxpayers. Q1, an automatic gas tax increase was scrapped, and Q2 a higher/expanded bottle deposit got taken out handily. Casinos will go forward (Q3) and paid sick time (Q4) will be offered to all employees. And in typical Massachusetts’ fashion despite Republican gains in the US House and Senate, we still have nothing but D’s, just like my sophomore report card (somewhere in the politburo offices a commie is crying)

Since when has taking seats out of bus stops and parks constituted a solution to the problem of homeless/junkies congregating in certain urban areas?

As the riots, protests, and looting continue in Ferguson, MO and all over the US, I found myself thinking. We (Law Enforcement) have brought rock solid cases to court, only to be shocked when the result is a not guilty. Conversely, we have had weak cases that end in conviction. This is our system, however flawed it may be. Just because a case doesn’t come out your way, is no excuse to burn and steal. If you don’t like the way the system works, work to change it. You want to march, and shout your silly slogans, go right ahead. But when you destroy, all you do is create more discord not dialogue.

As cops, we all know nothing ever happens on the first floor. Not only is that true, but it’s usually freezing out, too!

I went to a charity event in East Boston recently. I wasn’t there more than five minutes before I started to sound like one of the extras from “Goodfellas”. #heeeyhowyoodewin-gooombahhhh

I won’t say the overtime in the Department is out of control, but has it gotten so overwhelming that patrolmen have to fill in the supervisor’s names too?

President Obama has signed an Executive Order halting the potential (HA!) deportation of about 5 million Illegal Aliens.  Considering the odds of this gamble Las Vegas was the perfect spot to unveil it. Obama forgot two things. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and the House always wins. (screw you Chicoms!)

Speaking of Obama’s trip to Sin City, he brought on stage Astrid Silva, an Illegal Alien and well known activist-so much for “living in the shadows”. Just wondering why the press didn’t get all lathered up like they did over Charlie Baker’s fisherman. Now I ask you gentle reader, how does someone here illegally not only attend college, but become an “advisor(?)” to the Senate majority (not for long tee-hee) leader. I guess Massachusetts isn’t the only place illegal isn’t illegal!

Comedian Bill Cosby has come under fire for allegations of sexual abuse. One of America’s all-time favorite TV dads, Cosby has been accused by dozens of women claiming Dr Huxtable drugged them and played “doctor”. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we have a President who did something similar (minus the drugs)?? Remember, in America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If Cos did it, shame on him, if not, he need look no further than Clinton to gain his reputation back.

Recent events in Ferguson, and New York City, highlight the dangers Police Officers face every day. The “hands up don’t shoot” meme turned up everywhere –despite it being proved inaccurate, and false by eyewitnesses. The media continued to refer to the Officer’s tactics in NYC as a chokehold, even after being informed it was taught at one time in their Police Academy. The continued controversy is being fueled by the media, and race hustlers like Al Sharpton. Why even the top law enforcement official in the US, Attorney General Eric Holder has referred to the Police as an “occupying force”. Let just one of these phonies walk a beat-and encounter what we do on a daily basis. How would they deal with a 300 pound man intent on taking their gun? Or trying to handcuff an uncooperative giant? Just speculating here, but if the outcome were different-say Mike Brown got Officer Wilson’s gun? Would he have been satisfied to shake hands, and call it a day, or tell the Officer he’d drop it by the station later?  No, he was enraged and high, and made poor choices that day- which ruined many lives, least of which was his own. Cops know when you’re fighting over your duty weapon neither party is “unarmed”. I suppose if Big Mike got that weapon and shot Officer Wilson, the media portrayal of both parties would be a lot different-and everyone reading this knows that to be true. It would be bag pipes and flags. Brown would be locked away, and there would be no Ferguson. The case of Eric Garner is a bit more interesting, in part because of the video shot during the incident. Again, this is an industry specific publication. We have all been involved in struggles while trying to arrest a suspect. The fact that he was being arrested for a violation of city ordinances does nothing more than muddy the waters. If he were being arrested for murder or rape, would there be a media frenzy? Even a passively resisting offender takes at least four cops to handle, let alone a guy the size of an NFL lineman who didn’t want to go. Garner’s health issues were known to him, not the Police. If it was such a b@!!&#!+ charge, take the pinch-it wasn’t his first- and let the judge throw it out or fine you. HE chose to resist, and again, it cost him dearly. But what if the NYPD just let him go? Would the Officers then face the wrath of their supervisors, an irate City Councilor, Public Health Official? Don’t forget, this is the place that wanted to ban soft drinks! And Garner was selling-GASP…untaxed cigarettes!  The loss of a life is a tragedy, and to be avoided at all costs, but in some cases this is how it ends.

A little heavy for the Christmas issue, I‘ll agree. I could have gone on about the holiday tree-Creche on the square, Santa, and the lot, but got caught up in my deadline. So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!!